Monday, September 18, 2006

The seizure of last month has stopped the long work in its tracks. There is no way to know if or when it would resume. Its importance has receeded in the face of the threat, but the habits are there and there may be some good in keeping these habits active. However there may not be enough now to sustain anything serious, or even thoughtful. So the Notations - at least for now - shall be technical stuff, far away from the themes. The intention is to write about the distractions that take up healing time. Mostly haphazard reading (whatever the bargain bookstore has this week), range time, and little J.

The bookstore had Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, somebody's memory of Hemingway, a book on Totalitarianism, a sequel to the Western Little Big Man. I had read The Selfish Gene before, and had enjoyed The Blind Watchmaker. And I think The Ancestors' Tale is a wonderful book, excellent for introducing our college sophomores to biology. The new laboratory stuff - electronic microscopes and such - our collegians will not see, and Dawkins is respectable enough to be trusted implicitly.

This season's project is the Two Headed Rifle. It is therapeutic because it is costing more than expected. Its continuing metamorphosis, its care and upkeep is therefore rationalized as a medical expense. More about the Two Headed next time.